30 Days of Complete Transformation Guide

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30 Days of Transformation guide includes 30 fitness ideas, plant-based recipes and motivational quotes for each day to guide you alone your wellness journey! This is a must have for anyone wanting to start their weight loss journey, switch to eating more healthy, plant-based meals on a daily and desire to have a overall more abundant lifestyle.

**** What's inside:

~ 1 .pdf download full of valuable resources that you need 

~ 30 plant-based recipes to include easy breakfast, quick lunches, full entrees and sweet desserts

~ Workout ideas for each day to give you a variety of fitness techniques to get you inspired to build your practice

~ Motivational quotes for each day. Sometimes, words of confidence helps to get you going for the morning and through the day

~ A shopping list to help you navigate your transition into eating more healthy and meal planning

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1 .pdf download

30.4 MB
40 pages
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